Mystery Guest

The Mystery Guest is used to identify the company's strengths, but above all it is used to prevent disappointed customers, highlighting problems and taking care of them before they are shared publicly.

A full evaluation of the services that are offered is carried out, from the first phone call, to the Food & Beverage, Spa area, hospitality etc ...

After analysing all the phases of hospitality and service, we present a report to the company and if necessary we will prepare a plan of action to resolve any areas that require attention.

Constant evaluation allows the company to control the quality of services offered, thus verifying any eventual gaps but also highlighting the improvements made.

Consulting and Objectives

Project development

We develop projects starting from the creation of the concept, accurately evaluating the type and style of the location. We look to structure the idea in the best way possible for the client, completing a thorough analysis of the market.

Start Up

The start up of a project is a very delicate phase, this is why, after specific training, we evaluate each critical point and find the best solutions to make the service offered the best possible.

360° Assistance

You will receive 360° assistance whenever you need, supporting you to get the best out of your business project.

Quality control

Careful quality control is used to maintain a high standard, but it is also an effective way to evaluate the trends and styles that evolve in the tourism market in order to best keep your project up to date.